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ecoENERGY is the new residential energy assessment initiative developed by the Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Property owners can now qualify for federal grants by making the right retrofits to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their home's impact on the environment.  Alrek Meipoom has partnered with Green$aver to make this service available to home owners.

 As an NRCan-licensed energy advisor, Alrek Meipoom will perform a residential energy assessment to identify how your home uses energy and where it is being wasted. As a NRCan-licensed energy advisor he will show you how to improve the comfort of your home and cut heating and cooling costs, while ensuring adequate ventilation for a healthier indoor environment.

A detailed on-site assessment of your home's energy use is conducted from the attic to the basement. Alrek Meipoom will then provide you with a customized written report which includes a checklist of recommended retrofits to improve the energy efficiency of your home and, in some cases, to reduce your water consumption. The report will also show the ecoENERGY grant amount for each eligible upgrade you can receive by carrying out these energy saving improvements.

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