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Why a keystone inspection is the right choice?

 The firm specializes in the inspection of buildings and the preparation of condition surveys detailing the physical condition of the building structure and major components. Where improvements are recommended, time frames and ball park cost estimates are outlined for these areas.

Different buildings demand different inspections. Variables such as age, occupancy and type of construction have a bearing on how the buildings are inspected and the performance criteria by which they are judged. Our clients' needs dictate the degree of inspection and the specific issues to be addressed.

The company does not offer inspections as a sideline or as a way to obtain work in other fields. No design or repair work is performed by the firm, for example. Inspection work is our focus, allowing us to remain unbiased and independent.

We specialize in.

      • Pre-purchase Inspections
      • Pre-listing Inspections
      • Maintenance inspections
      • New Home Inspections
      • Home Warranty Inspections

To find a service that is right for your needs.

Report prepared and delivered onsite!  The Home Reference Book, the first tool you need around the house.   To learn more about the report we offer. 

What an inspector can and cannot do during the inspection. Rules of the game

Want to know who your inspector will be and their qualifications.

Having an inspection performed by Keystone Inspections includes membership in the Home Owners Group.

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